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Agile coaching

Agile Training

Take your team to the next level of performance.

Let us bring classes about eXtreme Programming, Scrum, Lean and Kanban into your company. Regardless of your teams current level of experience with agile practices, we will tailor the content to meet your needs. Let us help learn more about Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration, Domain Driven Design, Refactoring and other practices.
Agile implementation

Become Agile

Implement. Reflect. React.

Invite our agile coaches join your team, evaluate your current process and practices, and develop/implement a plan tailored to increase your team's efficiency. You will see improvements from the day one.
Web and mobile applications development

Software product development

Develop. Deliver. Improve.

We deliver the product, not the project. Our team is capable of delivering complete, complex applications. We have expertise in delivering web and client applications, iOS and Android mobile applications and web services. All product development is performed using our vast experience with XP engineering practices. We handle the entire development lifecycle, from requirements to product delivery, with the highest level of predictability.


Our team members have 6‑9 years experience

of software development using Agile methodologies



Alex Andronov



Coaching Director

Anton Bevzuk

Coaching Director



Dmitry Pavlov


What people say

  • "I was fortunate enough to have been introduced to SSG when I needed a team of experienced developers to take over a project at short notice. SSG was able to easily pick-up and improve the existing state of the architecture, as well as increase code quality and confidence with improved test coverage.

    SSG are well versed in all aspects of modern software development and best practices. The best thing is they are professional and they know what they are doing, which leaves me with peace of mind and allows me to focus on running my business.

    I look forward to working on more successful projects with them in the future"

    Daren Kovacevic, Principal Consultant, ThoughtCloud Inc

  • "It was very surprising.

    Suddenly feel like TDD can be useful when designing software. I must admit I was expecting less. And here it is so easy to understand, with the immersion, step by step. Very exciting in terms of skills and understanding of the methodology."

    Michael Zakharov, Senior Software Developer, CFT

  • "The presentation is great - simple and efficient. A lot of practice and interaction with the trainer."

    Evgeny Kadetov, Software Developer, MFI Soft